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Backstrap Weaving Classeswith Gudelia Cumes
Gudelia Cumes has 25 years of experience teaching tourists, and is among the best weavers in San Pedro. Her manner is warm, and students will feel welcome in her home. Gudelia speaks Spanish and Tz'utuhil, but she can teach anyone whatever their level of Spanish or lack of it.
Makoto Yamada had been studying weaving with Gudelia when I arrived to take photographs. Makoto spoke English but very little Spanish, (she had just begun studing at Casa Rosario) nevertheless she had not have trouble understanding Gudelia.
.. Prices and Projects:
  • First project:  a "simple" or single weaving is 3' to 4' long and 6" to 10" wide. The 100 Quetzales price (approximately $15) includes:
    • Eight Hours of Classes
    • Cotton Thread
    • Wooden Parts for the students own backstrap loom.
  • The second project: the student has the option of a double weave or a simple design. The price is 50 Quetzales (less than $7.50) for eight hours of classes.

The student can do much of the weaving on their own taking classes as they need more instruction. If you need a reservation, please email me curator@artemaya.com and I will contact Gudelia and confirm your arrival. Inflation is high in Guatemala and the prices might change a little without me being aware of it.

. Gudelia's house is built on a steep hillside making the view from her terrace spectacular.
The composite (clickable) photograph above is the view from the terrace outside the weaving studio of Gudelia Cumes. By this time there should be a railing there so that weaving can safely take place on the terrace. As can be imagined this is one of the most spectacular views in San Pedro or in Guatemala. The house is on a steep hillside reached by small alleyways between houses (callejons) and stone stairs with plants growing out of the crevices. 
Gudelia has found a small mistake in Makoto's setup making it necessary for Makoto to re-do a few rows.

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